Did you know that Ashura in Arabic means tenth?

The tenth of Ashura is known as the first month of the lunar calendar. It is celebrated among many Muslims around the world to commemorate the agony that Imam Hussain and his family went through. Sayyida Zaynab, the sister of Imam Hussain, and the granddaughter of the prophet is a unique woman. She teaches people the importance of faith, perseverance, patience and much more. When we celebrate Ahura we question things, about the way the Imam and his family fought, or what their message they wanted generations to commemorate? Sayyida Zaynab had sacrificed her life for Karbala, which showed us perseverance. After the death of Imam Hussain, the women of Bani Hashim had to walk to Yazid’s palace, this is also known as the “Trail of Tears”. Sayyida Zaynab stood up for Yazid and showed the world what type of person Yazid is. This is why many Muslims around the world come together to honor the sacrifices the Imam and his household have done.

 Sayyida Zaynab had sacrificed her life for Islam because she did not want Yazid to become Khalifa. She accompanied her brother to Karbala, she did not want her brother to be alone and surrounded by enemies. On the tenth day of Muharram, Imam Husayn was left to fight Yazid’s army alone. His son Zayn Ul Abdeen, was lying ill in bed and was unable to fight. Before Imam Husayn fought he told his son Zayn, that he will be the next successor. After the death of Imam Husayn, the women of Bani Hashim were treated poorly by Yazid’s army. Yazid’s army burnt their tents and wanted to behead Zayn, but Zaynab threw herself on her sick nephew to protect him. Yazid’s army did not kill Zayn Ul Abadeen because Zaynab would not allow them. The women of Bani Hashim and Zayn had to walk to Yazid’s castle.

The women of Bani Hashim, Zayn, and young kids Imam Hassan and Husayn were taken as prisoners. On their way to Yazid’s palace, they passed by the battlefield and they saw their loved ones lying on the ground covered with blood. The army of Yazid had put the head of some of the martyrs on spears. Whenever the kids and women looked up they would see the head of their loved ones. The women nor the kids were allowed to complain or cry. Yazid’s palace was in Damascus, the captives had to walk to from Karbala to Damascus. They were not allowed to rest, eat, nor drink. The Imams family and the believers went through many hardships on their long walk to Yazid's palace.

The captives arrived in Damasus, the people of Damascus would offer help, but Sayyida Zaynab did not accept their assistance. When the prisoners had to meet Yazid, he was confident in what he has just done. He thought he was doing the right thing, and that this is what his father Muawiya would have done. Until Sayyida Zaynab, started talking to him using evidence from the Quran against him. She was very calm and confident in her answer, while he was very nervous and hesitant. She showed the people of Damascus who Yazid truly is. This showed the faith and perseverance sayyida Zaynab had. She stood up for Yazid and was not afraid to do what was right. The people of Damascus were astonished by her facts and most of the people felt ashamed to believe Yazid.

She is the person that had proclaimed to the world the sacrifices that Imam Hussain and the believers have done for Islam. She has exposed to the world the evil deeds of Yazid with confidence and courage. If she did not stand up against Yazid, the death of many men and the religion of Islam would have faded into unconsciousness. She used her patience and her faith to endure physical and mental pain into strength. She showed people around the world, the importance of standing up for what is right, even if your life's in danger. This is the reason why Muslims around the world come together to honor Imam Husayn and the other members of the family of the Holy Prophet.