How to Find Scholarships and Leave School Debt-Free

You've spent months researching colleges and universities, filling out applications, and eagerly awaiting a response. This afternoon, you opened your mailbox to find a sizable, official-looking envelope. Inside is an offer of admission to your dream college, be it Hogwarts or Harvard. Congratulations! You are officially a post-secondary pupil.

But just how are you going to pay for your tuition?

You could attempt to cover all of it with your minimal wage lien or take out a student loan you will necessarily spend the next 10 years ago. Or, better yet, you can go scholarship searching!

Scholarships are basically free money that associations offer to students seeking post-secondary schooling, and, unlike student loans, you don't need to pay them back! Seems like a fantastic deal, right? So, then, why do so few students really apply for scholarships?

In a CBC interview last spring, financial expert Lesley-Anne Scorgie stated that pupils leave tens of thousands of edubirdie reviews unclaimed each year.

"We're discovering...that students believe...that the application procedure is hard, or [that] they need to possess quite high marks, or [that] they will need to maintain a financially precarious situation."

In accordance with Scorgie, however, only one-third of available scholarships have these conditions.

"The other two-thirds of scholarships are up for grabs[,] and that's where the millions of dollars are really sitting"

If you are aware of how to find scholarships in addition to how to apply for scholarships, it's simple to gain thousands of dollars .

How to Find Scholarships

If you're looking for scholarships, it will help to first know what types of scholarships exist.

One of the"easiest" types of scholarships for students to claim is an admission scholarship. Post-secondary institutions mechanically offer these at the start of the semester based on their applicants' high school grades. The greater your marks, the greater the total amount of money a school might offer you. There's no application procedure for entry scholarships, but it is a good idea to test if the school you're applying to supplies them, either by looking on the school's site or talking to a guidance counselor.

The most common type of scholarship, however, is a merit-based scholarship. Before you set out in your search, write a list of your achievements, talents, and hobbies. Include your GPA, clubs you have joined, sports you have played (such as eSports), any volunteer or activism work you've done, as well as where you wish to go to college and what you want to research (and why!) .